[NORTH SHORE, OAHU, HI, APRIL 4, 2024] – FLORENCE is excited to announce that Nathan Florence – brother to founder John Florence & one of the world’s most renowned heavy water surfers – will be joining their namesake brand.

“What a life! So fired up to announce that I will be surfing under my own Flag and Name moving forward, the FLORENCE flag. 🚩 Beyond excited to bet on myself, my brother, you may have heard of him, John Florence, who pioneered this epic endeavor and the incredible team at FLORENCE. The future is very exciting, we have the power to reshape the surf industry for future generations and pave a new way for upcoming surfers, to build something great together as a family,” said Nathan Florence.

In the world of surfing today, Nathan stands alone. Raised alongside his brother John Florence on Oahu’s North Shore, his comfort in waves of consequence is matched only by his humility on land. Over the course of 2023 and early 2024, Nathan successfully navigated and scored career-defining waves on nearly every major continent, during every major swell, in a year-long run many are calling one of the greatest-ever feats in surfing. His name, upbringing, dedication to the ocean and next level testing of in water gear makes him uniquely qualified to help steward the FLORENCE brand into the future.

FLORENCE co-founder John Florence said, "It’s a dream for me to see Nathan join Florence. My brothers and I grew up together in and around the ocean, surfing everyday. It became our life. We’ve been on so many incredible journeys and this feels like the most exciting one yet. I can’t wait to dive into products, go on trips, and build a family business together!"

"We’re honored to welcome Nathan to the FLORENCE team. Beyond his remarkable skills in the water, Nathan brings an extraordinary personality, positivity and forward-thinking mindset that perfectly fits the vision we have for this brand. We couldn’t be more excited to see the dynamic impact he’ll have alongside his brother on the gear, community and future of FLORENCE,” said CEO, Jeff Hurley.

For photos, view here. Credit: Courtesy of FLORENCE.


  • Tony Thorley

    Great news boys you have excellent products, a reliable surfer owned business. Well done

  • Alan Cork

    Great to see Nate joining the team, I’ve been a member from the beginning and love the products so thanks to all the team at Florence for all the deadly gear yewww🤙

  • Lance Bunyan

    Great to see young guys having a go in a tuff world .ya mum bought u guys up to be great humans .all the best in heats and in the corporate world .

  • Gavin Doniger

    Fantastic news. Love everything you Florence boys do.
    Florence Marine X is the only surf brand I buy now because its owned by surfers.
    Keep ripping and putting out your blogs. Love watching both surf. You are both an inspiration to up and coming surfers. Surfing is a way of life. Peace, Love, Music & Surfing

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